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If you are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme in the UK, there are a few important things to consider when selecting the 5 universities for your UCAS application. Across these selections you have the scope to be both realistic and optimistic, so choose wisely. Here are the latest UK rankings by university and subject. To begin, take a look through to explore your options.

Beyond the acceptance criteria of the universities, you should consider the location as well. For example, if you are decided on studying in London then there is no point in choosing a course at a university not based in London. Alternatively, if you are ultimately undecided on where in the UK you want to study, then choosing a range of universities across the country can be part of the fun. After doing your research into the departments and towns, choose a selection of courses at a selection of universities across the country – remembering to factor in a range of entry requirements – and, once the decisions start rolling in, you can let the UCAS process help you in deciding where you go. This interactive map can help you see what’s on offer across the country.

Once you have decided on a subject you can search for courses across different universities and check their entry requirements. Importantly, the UCAS process limits you to only 5 course-applications in your application, but you can apply to more than one course at the same university. While there is no problem in including 2 or 3 top schools in your selection, you should make sure to include a couple of back-up options too. This will ensure that even if you miss out on your first choice, which is fairly common, you will still receive an offer.

Entry requirements

If you already know how your grades convert to the UK grading systems, whether that is to A-Levels or UCAS points, you should select universities where you are sure that you meet the entry requirements. Alternatively, if you haven’t yet received your grades, you should be more careful in choosing a range of universities with differing requirements to ensure you are successful. This decision should be made carefully, with selections representing the top end and bottom end of what grades you are likely to achieve. If you don’t know how your grades from your home country transfer into the English equivalents, you can use this PDF to find out. Scroll down to your home country and follow the instructions.

Starting your application

Once you have decided which courses you want to apply to, you can start your application by registering online at As part of your application you will need to write a personal statement detailing your talents, interests and reasons for wanting to study what you aim to study. In the next article I will go through how to write a great personal statement, so stay tuned on As you complete the application, remember to make a note of your reference number before you submit it. Once submitted, you can track your application online and respond to offers as they come in. If you receive more than one offer you will need to make a decision, accepting the one you want and declining the others. If you come across any problems at that stage of the application, you should contact the university directly to get things cleared up.

Use this link to download a PDF that explains in full detail how to work through the UCAS application.

Remember, every university and its location will offer a different kind of experience. It is therefore vitally important that you do your own research to find out where the best place for you will be. Overall, you should be realistic in your choices, but do not be afraid to aim high with some of your selections.

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